My Thoughts

This book is a wild ride that takes place in small town Hagen, North Dakota.  The chapters alternate between Lily, new to the town Detective Kylie Milliard, and Iver.

We first meet Lily when she wakes up in a car with a man she doesn’t know with no idea how she got in the car.  There is no time to think about that because the car is about to go over the guardrail.  What a start to the book!  Enter Detective Milliard who was called to investigate the discovery of a woman’s body found in the dumpster outside a bar owned by a man called Iver.  Iver and the dead woman are both connected to Lily.

Lily is the most interesting character to me because she is the soul survivor of a kidnapping years ago.  She was held for an extended period of time with a man, maybe two men, and two other girls.  The details about what happened to her during that time are few and far between.  There are hints scattered through the book, but I wanted more detail.  More background.

The suspense while reading is plentiful and the author throws in a few good twists along the way.  I read this last week, but I had to sit and ponder on some thoughts I had about the killer and Lily’s kidnapping.  Overall I would recommend this.  Being the first book in the Badlands Series, I can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next!

Thank you to Author Danielle Girard for sending this one my way! Grab your copy August 1, 2020!

Book Rating: 4/5

For the grand finale this would pair nicely with a Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon.


Goodreads Synopsis

After surviving a car accident on an icy road in Hagen, North Dakota, Lily Baker regains consciousness with no idea where or who she is. Scattered Bible verses and the image of a man lying in a pool of blood haunt her memory.

The same night of the accident, a young woman is murdered and tossed in a dumpster. Kylie Milliard, Hagen’s only detective, doesn’t immediately recognize the victim, but Kylie soon discovers that Lily and the dead woman share a dark past…if only Lily could remember what it was.

Lily and Kylie both want answers. But Kylie has to play by the book. Lily has to play it safe. And the more Lily learns about her identity, the more she fears the truth.