The story opens with a mother who just found out something bad has happened to her daughter, and we get to read about her reactions and the aftermath.  The mother, Anna Hart, is a missing persons detective in San Francisco, CA.  Her husband has done everything to help her grieve, but he can’t take it anymore so he tells her to leave.  Anna drives until she ends up back in Mendocino where she grew up with her beloved foster parents.  Upon arrival she learns that a local girl is missing, and there are other girls missing in surrounding towns.  Doing what she does best Anna dives head first into the case, but danger is closer than she realizes.

This was a slow burn read chalked full of suspense on every page.  I have never read a book by this author, but I love her writing.  She gives such detailed descriptions about the towns,  the people,  and the scenery that it makes you feel like you’re there.  Anna’s character was also very well written.  You can feel how she is battling her own demons while trying to track down what could be a serial kidnapper/killer.   I really liked how Anna spoke with the victims families, and how she brought up her past life.  The most heartbreaking moment for me was reading and remembering the Polly Klaas case.  While we already know what happened to her, it still sent chills down my spine when Tally told Anna they will find Polly’s body, but her death will not be in vain.  That it will change how we look for the missing, and boy did it ever.  Wowza!  

This is one story that is going to stick with me for a while!  Grab your copy now because this book came out yesterday!

Thank you Random House, Author Paula McLain, and Book of the Month for my #copy!

Book Rating: 4/5

Wine Pairing: 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon