My Mini Thoughts

If you like multiple points of view, then this is the book for you because there are six of them.  The interesting thing about this book is the perspectives are from people of all ages.  A high schooler, a mother, and a grandma to name a few.

This starts out with Norah being arrested for using a spa as a cover up for a prostitution ring.  After her arrest a lot of the chapters focus on her daughter, Violet.  Then we have a neighbor kid who everyone thinks killed his girlfriend, a cop whose brother is missing and his wife is cheating on him, a grandma who has a bag of cash but nobody knows where it came from, another neighbor who has a cheating husband and a big heart and more!  Everyone is keeping a secret which makes you keep turning the pages.  The author does a good job putting little clues in each person’s chapter to help you figure out their secret.  There are also a few secrets that are easy to guess.

At first I thought that six points of views was going to be hard to keep straight, but they all intertwine together nicely.

Thank you Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for the #gifted copy.  This one is out today!

Book Rating: 3.5

Wine Pairing:  Shannon Reserve Chardonnay 2016


Goodreads Synopsis

Out of love. Out of protection. Out of fear. Everyone has a reason to lie.

Everyone in Raleigh, North Carolina, is talking about Norah Ramsey, the single mother accused of being a suburban madam. But Norah’s not the only one keeping secrets.

After her mother’s arrest, Norah’s teenage daughter, Violet, is devastated and alone. She has no one to turn to until her grandmother Polly arrives. Polly, long estranged from Norah, is running from her own troubles. Down the street, Bess, once Norah’s best friend, desperately tries to hide secrets while Casey, Bess’s daughter, flees college after a traumatic event, only to find that home isn’t the safe haven she expected. And Nico, the detective who has doggedly pursued Norah Ramsey in hopes that she will lead him to his missing brother, is drawn further into these women’s lives while facing his own domestic disturbance.

Scandal has brought each of them to a crossroads. Now, as they delve into Norah’s secrets, they must come to terms with secrets of their own—ones that still have the power to hurt or to heal.