Agnes has never had never had luck in the love department, but she is determined to find a husband on the cruise her daughter got her for her 50th birthday.  On the train ride to the cruise she meets Pamela and by luck would have it they are going to the same place.  Little does Pamela know she shouldn’t have taken a photo of them on the train and post it on Facebook with the hashtag #cruisebestie!  Now that’s what Agnes thinks they are, automatic best friends.

When the ladies get to their destination Agnes sees Einar, and she knows they are meant to be!  Pamela disagrees with her  but Agnes knows that they are meant to be.  When Agnes gets sick and misses out on an excursion, Pamela comes back to the boat with a new #cruisebestie and eyes for Einar.  Now all bets are off and Agnes will stop at nothing to make Einar hers and show Pamela who she’s messing with.

What a ride this was! Agnes is crazy with a capital C!  Even her daughter tells her that she always comes on too strong in friendships and love.  The story alternates chapters between now and then with Pamela’s daughter trying to figure out how her mom went overboard.  I will say that I did not see what really happened to her coming.

This book is out now!   Thank you to Author Florence Wetzel and Books on Demand for my #copy.

Book Rating: 4/5

Wine Pairing: Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon


Goodreads Synopsis

Agnes Andersson is an awkward middle-aged woman who desperately wants a husband. And what better place to find one than on a cruise along the coast of Norway? During the voyage Agnes meets her ideal man, a handsome Norwegian widower named Einar. The only problem is that Einar prefers Pamela—Agnes’ new best friend.

When Pamela’s body washes ashore almost a year later, her daughter visits Agnes to ask questions about the cruise. Their conversation becomes a cat-and-mouse game where Agnes bends the facts to avoid revealing the truth about Pamela’s disappearance and death.

A psychological thriller set in the cozy atmosphere of a cruise ship, The Woman Who Went Overboard is a story of romantic obsession, and a haunting tale of how far one woman will go to get the man of her dreams.