Kate and Orla are best friends that used to take a girls trip every year, but that changed after Orla settled down and had a baby.  Now Kate is going through a messy divorce and she needs a girls trip more than ever so she plans and pays for a trip to Lisbon for them to reconnect.  Orla quickly realizes that she’s not the party girl she used to be unlike her single and ready to mingle best friend.  Wanting to please Kate, Orla goes along for the ride only having a few drinks and saying no to the drugs offered.  Kate leaves the bar when Orla says she feels off, but she brings two men back to their apartment.  The next morning Kate nowhere to be found. 

I liked the friendship between Orla and Kate, but then I quickly changed my mind on Kate after she disappeared.  Orla takes the investigation into her own hands after little help from the local police.  What she discovers is something I think she already knew deep down inside about Kate, and that someone has been keeping a close eye on the two friends since they arrived.

If I could change anything about this book it would be to shorten the search for Kate.  There were a lot of details that didn’t need to be included.  Thankfully there are a few twists thrown in.  One that I should have seen coming and the other is on the last page of the book.  It made me wonder if there will be another book or if this will remain a stand alone.

Thank you HarperCollins 360, Avon Books and Author Sarah Alderson for my #copy.  This one comes out tomorrow!

Book Rating: 3/5

Wine Pairing: Espiral Vinho Verde