My Thoughts

Poor Emily can’t seem to keep a job or a place to live.  Always asking for money from her adoptive parents, she is running out of time before her only option is to move home.  To move back in with the parents she knows she disappoints.  Then Scott, the CEO of Emily’s old job, offers her a nanny/personal assistant job for his wife in France.  Alarm bells should have been going off in her head, but Emily thought her luck had finally changed.  How could she have any idea on what was about to happen?!

Right when Emily got to France I would have turned right back around.  Cell phone service was non existent, there was a rotting smell in the house she couldn’t place, and Nina and Scott’s daughter had extreme violent tendencies especially when touched and during thunderstorms.  The property had everything you would ever need.  So there is no reason to want to ever leave right?!  It’s not long before Emily discovers the reason why they are so isolated from the outside world.  The reason she has no cell service.  The reason why Scott rarely visits his wife and daughter.

This was an interesting read that kept me turning the pages.  I like how the chapters alternate between Scott and Emily.  Scott’s chapters are very cryptic about his wife’s mental illness, so I was glad to get the background story about Nina’s life before Emily came into play.  It gave me more of an understanding as to why she acts the way she does, and it is heartbreaking.

Thank you Minotaur for the ARC! Grab your copy on July 14th!

Book Rating: 3.5/5

Wine Pairing: Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon


Goodreads Synopsis

Emily is a mess.

Emily Proudman just lost her acting agent, her job, and her apartment in one miserable day.

Emily is desperate.

Scott Denny, a successful and charismatic CEO, has a problem that neither his business acumen nor vast wealth can fix. Until he meets Emily.

Emily is perfect.

Scott offers Emily a summer job as a housekeeper on his remote, beautiful French estate. Enchanted by his lovely wife Nina, and his eccentric young daughter, Aurelia, Emily falls headlong into this oasis of wine-soaked days by the pool. But soon Emily realizes that Scott and Nina are hiding dangerous secrets, and if she doesn’t play along, the consequences could be deadly.

Superbly tense and oozing with atmosphere, Anna Downs’s debut is the perfect summer suspense, with the modern gothic feel of Ruth Ware and the morally complex family dynamics of Lisa Jewell.

Welcome to paradise…will you ever be able to leave?