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Today is my tour stop for The Quiet Girl with TLC Book Tours, Author S.F. Kosa, and Bookmarked.  Thank you for the #gifted copy.

A debut psychological suspense read that will grab you and not let go until you have uncovered all the secrets and solve the mystery of Mina.

Mina is a successful romance writer who seems to have everything going for her.  When Alex meets her at a book signing at the local book store it is love at first sight.  One night the couple has a fight over having children, although Alex has a daughter with his first wife he desperately wants to have a child with Mina.  Shortly after their fight Mina disappears.  It turns out Mina was keeping some very deep, very dark secrets about her past from everyone.  

The chapters alternate between Alex’s search for his wife and Maggie, a young girl in trouble.  There are so many twists and turns in this story.  So many secrets coming at you from the left and then the right.  It took me a while to figure out Maggie’s connection to Mina, but to me that was the best part of the plot.  Trying to figure out what happened to Mina, and what major trauma had happened to Maggie that made her forget who she was at times will have you turning the pages late into the night.  

Once everything comes to light it is mind blowing.  That was one ending I didn’t see coming.   

This one is available now!

Book Rating: 4/5

Wine Pairing: Mènage à Trois Midnight


Goodreads Synopsis

Good girls keep quiet. Quiet girls won’t stay silent forever.

When Alex arrives in Provincetown to patch things up with his new wife, he finds an empty wine glass in the sink, her wedding ring on the desk, and a string of questions in her wake. The police believe that Alex’s wife simply left, his marriage crumbling before it truly began. But what Alex finds in their empty cottage points him toward a different reality:

His wife has always carried a secret. And now she’s disappeared.

In his hunt for the truth, Alex comes across Layla, a young woman with information to share, who may hold the key to everything his wife has kept hidden. A girl without a clear recollection of her own past. A strange, quiet girl whose memories may break them all.

To find his wife, Alex must face what Layla has forgotten. And the consequences are anything but quiet