My Mini Thoughts

This book is a wild ride!  Missing kids, drugs, murder, and sex all tied into one twisted story.

Isla is basically a single mom trying to provide for her kids emotionally and financially.  While she is married to Ray, he’s not worth much of anything!  Her youngest child, Raisin/Ray, is a diabetic and always has to have his service dog Scout with him.  Katie is a good student, good daughter, and never gets in trouble until she falls into step with newcomer Willow. I did not like Willow from the get go.  So when both girls disappear, you just have this feeling that it has something to do with Willow.

I loved the mystery aspect of this book and the different points of views from Isla to the local sheriff who is also Isla’s high school boyfriend Karl.  I will tell you right now that Katie is found, but she can’t remember anything.   However as we get further into the book bits and pieces start coming back about the details leading up to the night.

Is this one on your radar?  You won’t believe the ending! I never saw it coming!

This one is available now!

Thank you TLC Book Tours, Kensington Books and Author Joseph Souza for letting me be on tour today!

Book Rating: 4/5

For the grand finale this would pair nicely with a Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon.


With The Neighbor and Pray for the Girl, Joseph Souza proved himself a master of twisty and unpredictable psychological suspense. In this riveting new novel, a mother is unwittingly drawn into the dark underbelly of her picture-perfect Maine town.

Shepherd’s Bay has been home to generations of lobstermen and their families. Lately, affluent newcomers have been buying up waterfront property and mingling uneasily with the locals. Tensions are high, especially since Dakota James, a teenage boy from the wealthier side of town, disappeared weeks ago. But another disturbing incident soon follows.

When high school junior Katie Eaves and her friend, Willow Briggs, fail to come home after a night out, Katie’s mother, Isla, is frantic. Two agonizing days go by before Katie is found, bruised and bloodied, yet alive. Isla is grateful. But Willow, a wealthy newcomer from Los Angeles, is still missing. And Katie can’t remember anything about the night of their disappearance.

Isla tries to help her daughter sort through her hazy recollections, and to recall the truth of her tangled friendship with privileged, beautiful Willow. At the hair salon she owns, Isla hears dark whispers about wild parties, drug deals, and love triangles gone wrong. How much truth is in the gossip? Is Dakota’s disappearance linked to the others? And what other shocking secrets lie at the heart of Shepherd’s Bay—and of the family Isla is struggling to hold together?