Goodreads Synopsis:

Hannah Webber fears she will never be a mother, but her prayers are finally answered when she gives birth to a son. In an era of high-stakes parenting, nurturing Sam’s intellect becomes Hannah’s life purpose. She invests body and soul into his development, much to the detriment of her marriage. She convinces herself, however, that Sam’s acceptance at age fourteen to the most prestigious of New England boarding schools overseen by an illustrious headmaster, justifies her choices.

When he arrives at Dunning, Sam is glad to be out from under his mother’s close watch. And he enjoys his newfound freedom―until, late one night, he stumbles upon evidence of sexual misconduct at the school and is unable to shake the discovery.

Both a coming-of-age novel and a portrait of an evolving mother-son relationship, The Nine is the story of a young man who chooses to expose a corrupt world operating under its own set of rules―even if it means jeopardizing his mother’s hopes and dreams.

                    My Mini Thoughts:

Hannah is all of us as a mother.  She only wants the best for her son, her only child.  Yes, she may be a little overbearing at times.  A helicopter mom who encourages her son to be the best of the best at everything he does.  No pressure there!

You can imagine her excitement when Sam gets into Dunning.  They can’t afford it, but she’s going to send him no matter what the cost.  This is where the strain on the marriage comes in.  Yes, it’s great you want your child to go to the best schools possible, but only if you can afford it.

Dunning is like most boarding schools I’ve read about.  The only difference is The Nine.  This elite group is supposed to be a bunch of pranksters.  A thorn in the deans side.  Except they are more, much more.

There are secret tunnels under Dunning that only The Nine know about, or so they thought.  One night while on a mission Sam takes a turn in the tunnels and discovers a secret so big it could destroy Dunning’s reputation.  Little did Sam know many steps have been taken in the past and present to keep Dunning’s secrets buried.

By the time Hannah figures out Dunning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and Sam slowly figures out his place at school, it’s too late.  He’s in deep, and the person he thought he could trust the most turns out to be the person he should trust the least.

At this point Sam feels the only person who can protect him is his mom who will go to the ends of the earth to protect her son.

If you like a good mother/son bonding story, then look no further!  Although I did find this to be a slow burn, I would still recommend it.

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Book Rating: 🍷🍷🍷🍷

For the grand finale, this would pair nicely with Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells.