Mariana is a group therapist still reeling from the death of her husband, Sebastian, when she receives a frantic phone call from her niece Zoe whose friend has been brutally murdered.  Suspect #1 is Greek Tragedy Professor, Edward Fosca, who Zoe thought her friend was sleeping with.  Feeling the need to protect her last living family member, Mariana rushes to her side.  After another girl is found dead there is no question that someone is after The Maidens, a secret society of females who happen to be the daughters of the rich and powerful from around the world, and Fosca’s personal groupies.  The closer Zoe and Mariana get to solving the case, the more they draw attention to themselves and the more the killer wants them silenced.

Wow this book!  So many players in the game from Mariana’s crazy patient Henry to the guy she meets on the train who claims to be psychic.  Add in the professor and all of The Maidens you have a long list of suspects.  Mix all that with a dose of greek mythology, a little bit of Tennyson, and characters from The Silent Patient and your head will be spinning until the end which shocked me to the core!

I had quite a few questions at the end which is why I’m knocking my rating down 1/2 star ~ or wine glass in my case.  Overall I would highly recommend this book.

Thank you Celadon Books and Author Alex Michaelides for my advanced #copy!  Grab yours on June 15, 2021!

Book Rating: 4.5

Wine Pairing: Château de Santenay 2016 Les Puillets Premier Cru (Mercurey) Pinot Noir