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Today is my tour stop for Sweet Water by Cara Reinard!

Sarah is living the life she always wanted in the house she dreamed of living in as a child.  She has more money than she ever imagined and a husband from the right family and the right side of the tracks.  Everything is going swimmingly until their son Finn calls in the middle of the night and needs help.  Finn is drugged up and barely conscious and his girlfriend is dead.  The decisions made that night will forever change this perfect family’s way of life.

This is a story about a mother trying to do right by her son who may or may not be a murderer.  A wife who feels trapped by her rich in-laws who have always made everything go away by throwing money at the problem, and the family has had a lot of problems.  I felt for Sarah while reading this book.  I liked that she grew up on the other side of the tracks.  She only married Martin because she thought the boy she did love didn’t want her.  At first Martin seemed like a good guy, but I quickly realized he was more like his rich and powerful relatives.

The story is quite suspenseful with a good twist thrown in at the end.  The rich and powerful are not the only ones with secrets in this story.

Thank you TLC Book Tours, Author Cara Reinard, Thomas & Mercer, @amazonpublishing for my #copy.  This one is out January 1, 2021!

Book Rating: 4/5

Wine Pairing: Apothic Red


Goodreads Synopsis

It’s what Sarah Ellsworth dreamed of. Marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Martin. Living in a historic mansion in Pennsylvania’s most exclusive borough. And Finn, a teenage son with so much promise. Until…A call for help in the middle of the night leads Sarah and Martin to the woods, where they find Finn, injured, dazed, and weeping near his girlfriend’s dead body. Convinced he’s innocent, Sarah and Martin agree to protect their son at any cost and not report the crime.

But there are things Sarah finds hard to reconcile: a cover-up by Martin’s family that’s so unnervingly cold-blooded. Finn’s lies to the authorities are too comfortable, too proficient, not to arouse her suspicions. Even the secrets of the old house she lives in seem to be connected to the incident. As each troubling event unfolds, Sarah must decide how far she’ll go to save her perfect life.