My Thoughts

The story begins with Erin returning to her hometown of Wolf Point, Montana after receiving a call that her dad is in the hospital.  Although she has been gone a long time, Erin is still haunted by the men, women and children who disappeared from the small town never to be seen or heard from again.  One of the missing is Erin’s mother.  Shortly after her return, two skeletons are recovered on the land her dad farms making him suspect #1.  However only two skeletons were found so where are the others?

Calling all psychological thriller fans!!

This was quite the page turner.  The chapters alternate between the years of the kidnappings and Erin’s return home.  It sent chills up my spine reading about the abduction of one child and a few of the adults.  We do know right away that the abductor is a male, a very strong male, that drives a white van.  Automatically every main male character is a suspect in my mind….even Erin’s dad.  I never guessed who it was in the end, and it was shocking!  I mean very shocking! I didn’t see it coming.  Do vans, especially vans with no windows, creep anyone else out?  They have always creeped me out!  I get chills if I see one driving around my neighborhood.

There is a chapter in this story that takes place in 1995 that didn’t make sense to me.  I didn’t fully understand the repercussions of that year and that instance until the very end!  Chills!

Thank you William Morrow, Author John Burley and NetGalley for my #copy of this book!  This one comes out January 12, 2021!

Book Rating: 5/5

Wine Pairing: Ménage à Trois Silk


Goodreads Synopsis

When Erin Reece left Wolf Point fifteen years ago after graduating high school, she’d planned to never set foot in her childhood hometown again. But an urgent phone call from her father’s doctor leaves Erin with no choice but to return to a place filled with painful memories and wounds that never closed. Two decades ago, people in Wolf Point started disappearing without a trace—including Erin’s mother—and no explanation was ever found.

It’s been years since the last disappearance, but the town is still steeped in suspicion and haunted by the ghosts of the missing. No one is thrilled to see Erin back, including her former best friend, Robbie, who has changed from a spirited, fearless boy to a reclusive shut-in.

Then a body is discovered, buried in a makeshift grave for years . . . on the Reece family’s land. The police reopen their investigation, and the evidence against Erin’s father is damning. After such a long time without answers, the community wants justice. It’s up to Erin to clear her father’s name, but the path to the truth will force her to unearth long-buried secrets and confront a terrible evil. Because in Wolf Point, everyone knows more than they are letting on…