This is a story about three high school friends Jamie, Sophia and Trevor who make one mistake with lifelong consequences.  They didn’t mean to kill anyone, it just happened.  After that fateful night the three friends go their separate ways.  Each of them struggling privately until Jamie meets Violet who can save them all.  

We get the three friends POV’s in this story to start.  Reading about how that night affected Jamie, Sophia and Trevor’s personally was  heartbreaking.  Their lives seem to stand still, and each of them does whatever it takes to forget that night.  After James meets Violet her POV is added to the mix.  I didn’t understand how important Violet’s character was until I realized she can free them all.  I love stories about friendships, and this was no exception.  This does have a happy ending, but there is a twist thrown in that I didn’t see coming!

Thank you Author Stewart Lewis for sending this my way.  Grab your copy today!

Book Rating: 4/5

Wine Pairing: Espiral Vinho Verde


Goodreads Synopsis

It was just one stupid thing that happened…

Summer on Nantucket island. Three high school friends drinking warm beer on a rooftop. Everything is cool, until a seemingly innocent game takes a sinister turn, and the course of their lives are changed forever.

For a year, they keep it a secret, until the following summer when they meet a mysterious girl with her own dark past who may have the answers they are looking for.

A story about friendship, mistakes, and the quest for redemption, One Stupid Thing follows Jamie, Sophia, Trevor and Violet as they contend with the consequences of their choices, navigate the drama in their individual lives and try to uncover what really happened on that fateful night.