My Mini Thoughts

This is a very woman empowering book about Melody Joo who is trying to make her way in the male world of online gaming.  It’s not an easy job since all the males in the company want her to fail.  Little do they know Melody is smarter than all of them put together, and comes up with her own idea for a game ~male strippers fighting in a post-apocalyptic world.  

Melody and a few of her female coworkers think it’s genius, the heads of the company (all males of course) think she’ll never pull it off.  The way the men talked and joked about women in general made my blood boil.  I wanted to yell at the majority of the males in this book many times!  Unfortunately for them, Melody is not one to back down so easily.  However when the cyber bullying begins, and someone puts her personal information out into the world, including her address and phone number, she wants nothing more than to give up.  

This book made me laugh, scream, and I already mentioned my blood boiling over the misogynist pigs at Seventeen Studios.   There is also a little romance thrown in.  An enemies to lovers office romance which I  was all for! 

From battling the glass ceiling at work, to helping her friend plan a wedding, to an office romance.  This book has everything and more you could want in a strong female character. 

Thank you @suzannepark @putnambooks for the #gifted book.

Book Rating: 4/5

Wine Pairing:  Rosé All Day 2017