My Mini Thoughts

Jess is perfect in everyone’s eyes.  She is beautiful inside and out, her house is clean and she is an amazing cook.  She also handles her three kids like a boss.  That’s what people see on the outside, and we always say that people see what they want to see.  If they looked closer they would see that Jess is struggling after having baby #3, Betsey.  

When Betsy is acting out of sorts Jess takes her to the hospital.  Her friend Liz works in pediatrics who she met years ago in a birthing class.   As soon as Liz begins to examine Betsey, she notices that Jess’s story about what happened doesn’t add up.  If Betsey fell down like Jess said she did then she wouldn’t have a skull fracture.

Told from multiple points of views you yourself will begin to wonder if Jess harmed her baby on purpose.  There is a mystery to solve on what really happened that day Betsey was brought into the hospital.  Was it Jess? Her husband? One of their older kids?  The author does a good job of keeping you guessing until the very end when the truth comes out.  I didn’t see it coming!

Thank you Atria Books and NetGalley for the #gifted book.  This one is out today!

Book Rating: 3/5

Wine Pairing: Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon


Goodreads Synopsis

You think you know her…but look a little closer.

She is a stay-at-home mother-of-three with boundless reserves of patience, energy, and love. After being friends for a decade, this is how Liz sees Jess.

Then one moment changes everything.

Dark thoughts and carefully guarded secrets surface—and Liz is left questioning everything she thought she knew about her friend, and about herself. The truth can’t come soon enough.