Mini Thoughts

Let’s talk about predictable books.  Stories that you can see coming from a mile away.  I was so excited to read this because I had seen such good reviews, but this fell flat for me.  I was hoping that just because I knew what was happening, that there would be some BIG twist.  While there were a few good twists at the end I still struggled with the middle part.  After I finished this I was like “meh!”

Don’t get me wrong, my heart went out to Ellie after reading about how her daughter died.  With that said, are there really women that are that desperate for a man’s attention?  Ellie doesn’t get the attention from her mega rich father even after her mom dies, her husband leaves her after their daughter dies and now Martin.  How could she not see him coming from a mile away?!! If I was an heiress, I would be very suspicious of all, especially of men who seem to know everything about you even though you just met.  Ellie’s character was so annoying to me!   After reading the last page I was even more annoyed with her.

This one is out now and is free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.

Book Rating: 3/5 only because of the twists

Wine Pairing: Chateau Ste. Michelle Indian Wells Cabernet Sauvignon


Goodreads Synopsis

I hope you don’t find him. And if you do, I hope he’s dead and that he suffered…

Real-estate mogul Martin Cresswell-Smith is the best thing that has ever happened to Ellie. After her daughter’s devastating death, a divorce, and an emotional breakdown, he’s helped her move as far as possible from the grief, the rage, and the monsters of her past. Ellie imagines her new home with Martin in an Australian coastal town will be like living a fairy tale. But behind closed doors is another story—one that ends in Martin’s brutal murder. And Ellie seems almost relieved…

Naturally, everyone thinks Mrs. Cresswell-Smith is guilty.

Senior Constable Lozza Bianchi has reasonable doubt. She sees evidence of a twisted psychological battle and a couple who seemed to bring out the worst in each other—adultery, abuse, betrayal, and revenge. If anything Ellie says can be believed, that is. As the case takes twist after spiraling twist, Lozza can’t shake the gut instinct that she’s being manipulated. That Ellie is hiding something. That there are secrets yet to surface. Lozza has no idea.