My Mini Thoughts

I have had this one on my shelf forever, and when I saw the author coming out with a new book I knew I had to read it to see if I liked her writing style.

Our main character, Jemma, is a 14 year old who has severe cerebral palsy, is quadriplegic and can not communicate in any way.  Don’t count her out though!  She sees and hears a lot more than people think/know.  When the neighbor boy disappears and is found dead, she knows who did it….because he told her.  Now he’s after Jemma’s caregiver Sarah.  

I really liked Jemma’s character.I found myself rooting for her to be brave enough to test the new technology that would help her communicate with others.  The new technology used to help give Jemma a voice was fascinating.  It’s amazing what people come up with these days. 

I wouldn’t classify this as a thriller, more of a suspense.  I was definitely turning the pages because I thought there was no way they were giving the killer up that soon.  Thankfully the story behind the reasoning is a little more complex than I thought.  I will say there were some very slow parts in the book where my attention was lost, but then it picked back up.

Overall if you like Young Adult (YA) Books, then I would pick this one up.

Book Rating: 3/5

Wine Pairing: Shannon Reserve Chardonnay 2016


Goodreads Synopsis

Jemma knows who the murderer is. She knows because he told her.

He thought his secret was safe because Jemma can’t speak or move.

But Jemma observes all kinds of things about everyone around her. His secret is just one of them.

And when a new technology means she may be able to communicate and reveal all she knows, Jemma no longer feels powerless in the face of this deadly secret. It’s a race against time before the killer acts again…or tries to stop her.