Happy Pub Day to Friends Like Us!

I always love reading a book about friendships, and Bree and Jill had the best kind.  They knew each other like the back of their hands having grown up together.  Bree has a cancer scare and when the test results come back benign Jill decides she should make an un-bucket list.  To her surprise Bree starts right away with singing at a bar and taking a handsome stranger home so she’s on her way.  Jill on the other hand lost her husband, Simon, in a motorcycle accident a few years prior and she is stuck.

This is not only a story about friendship, but about gathering up the courage to be brave.  To understand that you can not stay in the same spot forever, life will move forward with or without you.  The way Bree and Jill are there for each other is very heartwarming.  There are other women in the town who help get the friends closer to their goals.  Reading this story made me want to live there!  Their small coastal Maine town sounded so picture perfect the way the author described the downtown and surrounding area, and everyone seemed to have a door is always open policy.

If you need something light and easy to read, then look no further!  This one is out today!

Thank you Forever Pub and Estelle for my #copy.

Book Rating: 4.5 (only because I could have used more steam!)

Wine Pairing:  St Supéry Sauvignon Blanc


Goodreads Synopsis

Bree Rhodes and Jill Kelly have been best friends since kindergarten. When Bree survives a cancer scare, the knitting shop assistant takes it as a sign to step out of her comfort zone . . . or at least take a few tentative tiptoes. But in no time she’s in over her head with a hot architect, a new puppy and a shot at buying her dream inn. And the harder she tries to stay afloat in her new normal, the harder it is to hold onto her friendship with Jill who seems to be ebbing away.

While her best friend is living her best life, art boutique owner, Jill, is simply trying to live. Still struggling after a freak motorcycle accident took the life of her husband, Jill doesn’t know how to start over — or if she even wants to. Life isn’t easy as a young widow, especially when she’s hiding a painful secret. But when she learns that the fairytale Maine cottage she’d once dreamed of buying with her husband is on the market, she has to decide whether she’s ready to let go of the past and to write a new chapter. But the only way to do really heal is by revealing to Bree a truth that will either destroy their friendship forever or bring them closer together.