Goodreads Synopsis

Audrey Miller has an enviable new job at the Smithsonian, a body by reformer Pilates, an apartment door with a broken lock, and hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers to bear witness to it all. Having just moved to Washington, DC, Audrey busies herself impressing her new boss, interacting with her online fan base, and staving off a creepy upstairs neighbor with the help of the only two people she knows in town: an ex-boyfriend she can’t stay away from and a sorority sister with a high-powered job and a mysterious past.

But Audrey’s faulty door may be the least of her security concerns. Unbeknownst to her, her move has brought her within striking distance of someone who’s obsessively followed her social media presence for years—from her first WordPress blog to her most recent Instagram Story. No longer content to simply follow her carefully curated life from a distance, he consults the dark web for advice on how to make Audrey his and his alone. In his quest to win her heart, nothing is off-limits—and nothing is private.

Kathleen Barber’s electrifying new thriller will have you scrambling to cover your webcam and digital footprints.

My Thoughts

This book is crazy!  I don’t know anyone on Instagram like Audrey, but I’m sure there are a lot.  I’m very careful about what I post on social media, because as I have discovered, there are a lot of creepers online.  Especially on Instagram!

I love the different POV’s.  Audrey, Cat, and HIM.  HIM is Audrey’s stalker, but we don’t know who he is until closer to the end of the book.  There are plenty of people to choose from though.  I did not guess correctly. 

While reading, I did want to yell at Audrey multiple times!  Hello! Don’t rent an apartment through online photos before you see it!  Been there, done that and it did not end well!  Thankfully my apartment wasn’t below ground level.  Also she had received some very creepy messages in the past.  One that sticks out has to do with her eyeballs! Gross!  

Another red flag, Audrey’s bedroom window faces into an alley!  So no surprise when she sees someone in the alley one night.  Time to move!  Go live with Cat, your only true friend in Washington. Plus she’s an attorney who can help get you out of your lease!  Although Cat gave off a creepy obsessed vibe at times.  Cat also has a secret she is hiding from when she was younger.  

This book did take a crazy turn in the last half when Audrey’s stalker is revealed, and it turns out the stalker isn’t the only crazy character in this book! Wow!  When the other characters crazy comes out…I did not see that coming!  I will say I had questions about the ending so I’m thankful I was part of a buddy read for this one.  They helped remind me that we were all a little naive at that age.  The author did leave this open for another book.  

Book Rating: 4/5

For the grand finale this would pair nicely with Menage a Trois Midnight.