Mini Thoughts

Sam is a rising star at Weatherhouse Accounting, but when she takes an out of the box idea to her boss she is quickly rejected.  This got her thinking about the direction she wants her life to take because working behind a desk clocking 50 plus hours a week is not working anymore.  Taking a cue from her Great-Aunt Vivian, who was a courageous woman, Sam leaves for the South of France where she learns the ins and outs about the winemaking process so she can make and bottle her own wine someday.

This was such a fun read about one of the most determined characters I have ever read about. We get to travel with Sam as she learns all about the wine making business.  She was warned not to fall in love with the local skirt chaser, but there had to be a little romance thrown in!  I thought the romance part happened rather quickly, and I would have liked that to be drawn out a little.  I was glad there was a change of scenery from France to Napa Valley, CA because it felt like Sam’s life really took off in California.  We also get to read about Sam’s Great-Aunt Vivian’s work as a model and eventually working for Vogue Paris pre-World War II.  I would love to read a book just on Vivian.  

Randomly alternating between Sam and her Great-Aunt Vivian we get to see how these two women take the path least expected and succeed! 

Thank you to Author Linda Sheehan and GetRed PR for my #copy and bottle of wine!  This book is available now!

Book Rating: 4/5

Wine Pairing: The author’s very own Poe Wines Ferrington Vineyard Chardonnay 2018