Mini Thoughts

I was so excited to read this book! It was a Bookstagram made me do it!

I was hooked for awhile.  Poor single mom Louise meets a hot guy David, in a bar and makes out with him.  She later discovers that not only is he married…he’s her boss.  When David’s wife, Adele, bumps into Louise on the sidewalk she can’t help but like her.  Can Louise secretly have both David and Adele in her life?  They seem to be like a drug to her.

The chapters alternate between Adele, Louise and THEN which is Adele’s past when she knew Rob.  I could not for the life of me figure out how Adele knew where Louise was going to be that day on the sidewalk.  It didn’t make any sense, but when the truth was revealed that’s when the story lost me.  I’ve read a book like this before with lucid dreaming being a main part of the story, and I didn’t like it.  I still don’t.

Everyone who has read this book kept saying how shocking the ending is so I had to keep reading.  I will admit that it was shocking, but not in the way I thought it was going to be.

This one is out now and I hear it may become a Netflix Series.

Book Rating: 3/5

Wine Pairing: The Collection Cabernet Sauvignon


Goodreads Synopsis

Louise is a single mom, a secretary, stuck in a modern-day rut. On a rare night out, she meets a man in a bar and sparks fly. Though he leaves after they kiss, she’s thrilled she finally connected with someone.

When Louise arrives at work on Monday, she meets her new boss, David. The man from the bar. The very married man from the bar…who says the kiss was a terrible mistake but who still can’t keep his eyes off Louise.

And then Louise bumps into Adele, who’s new to town and in need of a friend, but she also just happens to be married to David. David and Adele look like the picture-perfect husband and wife, but then why is David so controlling, and why is Adele so scared of him?

As Louise is drawn into David and Adele’s orbit, she uncovers more puzzling questions than answers. The only thing that is crystal clear is that something in this marriage is very, very wrong, but Louise can’t guess how wrong―and how far a person might go to protect their marriage’s secrets.