Mini Thoughts

This was such an interesting read.  I was hoping for more of a fast paced mystery, but this had a slow pace.

Alice had a tough life so it was no wonder when everyone thought that she had committed suicide.  Everyone except for her sister Marion who feels like this was not an accident.  She is the only one left who will fight for the truth.  Her brother and his creepy wife are writing it off.  Boy did the brother’s wife give me the creeps!

An asylum setting has always given me the creeps, and this was no exception.  I did feel bad for Alice and the ways she was treated not only by her family but by others throughout her life.  Her life came to such a tragic end that I was glad she had someone like Marion in her life.

This one is out today.  Thank you Kim Taylor Blakemore for my #copy.

Book Rating: 3/5

Wine Pairing:  Shannon Reserve Chardonnay


Goodreads Synopsis

Until she discovers the truth of her sister’s death, no one will rest in peace.

New Hampshire, 1865. Marion Abbott is summoned to Brawders House asylum to collect the body of her sister, Alice. She’d been found dead after falling four stories from a steep-pitched roof. Officially: an accident. Confidentially: suicide. But Marion believes a third option: murder.

Returning to her family home to stay with her brother and his second wife, the recently widowed Marion is expected to quiet her feelings of guilt and grief—to let go of the dead and embrace the living. But that’s not easy in this house full of haunting memories.

Just when the search for the truth seems hopeless, a stranger approaches Marion with chilling words: I saw her fall.

Now Marion is more determined than ever to find out what happened that night at Brawders, and why. With no one she can trust, Marion may risk her own life to uncover the secrets buried with Alice in the family plot.