This is a story about Reena who does not like her job in finance, has a younger sister who wants to use her recipes for a new cookbook, has had a total of 14 boyfriends and names her sourdough starters.  There is also the fact that her parents are always trying to find the perfect suitor for her so she can marry.  Reena lives in a building owned by her father so it should have come as no surprise when she finds out her hot new neighbor, Nadim, works for her dad…..and is her future husband.  Reena wants to enter a cooking contest, but it’s for couples only.  One night her and Nadim have one too many drinks, jokingly film themselves cooking and submit the video for the contest.  The only problem is Reena doesn’t remember doing that until she is informed that their video has been chosen and they are officially in the contest.  Now the pair has to fake a relationship in order to stay in the running.  What could possibly go wrong with faking an engagement?! 

This was a fun read!  I loved that Reena named her sourdough starters, one being Brian.  One of my favorite parts was when Reena had to go out of town and she thought it would be a good idea for Nadim to watch after Brian.  Oh my lanta I rolled off the couch laughing when we learned what happened to Brian while she was away!  I kept expecting some steamy scenes when Reena and Nadim finally gave in to their feelings, but it was very G rated.  Give me some heat!

Overall this was an enjoyable read!  Thank you to Forever Pub and NetGalley for my #copy!  This one is out today!

Book Rating: 4/5

Wine Pairing: Ménage à Trois Pinot Noir


Goodreads Synopsis

Reena Manji doesn’t love her career, her single status, and most of all, her family inserting themselves into every detail of her life. But when caring for her precious sourdough starters, Reena can drown it all out. At least until her father moves his newest employee across the hall–with hopes that Reena will marry him.

But Nadim’s not like the other Muslim bachelors-du-jour that her parents have dug up. If the Captain America body and the British accent weren’t enough, the man appears to love eating her bread creations as much as she loves making them. She sure as hell would never marry a man who works for her father, but friendship with a neighbor is okay, right? And when Reena’s career takes a nosedive, Nadim happily agrees to fake an engagement so they can enter a couples video cooking contest to win the artisan bread course of her dreams.

As cooking at home together brings them closer, things turn physical, but Reena isn’t worried. She knows Nadim is keeping secrets, but it’s fine— secrets are always on the menu where her family is concerned. And her heart is protected… she’s not marrying the man. But even secrets kept for self preservation have a way of getting out, especially when meddling parents and gossiping families are involved.