Welcome to Bookish With Wine, I’m Shannon! I live in Omaha, Nebraska (GO BIG RED!), and I am married with two boys. I quit my day job three years ago to stay home with my boys through the summers and the million other breaks kids in school have!

Reading has always been my jam, my hobby, my escape! When I was growing up I would enter reading contests through the local library in the summer, always getting First or Second Place.  During the school year I earned/ate a lot of free personal pan pizzas through the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program.

My idea to start a blog came to me on Valentine’s Day this year. My youngest starts school in the fall, so I was trying to think of something to do! I’m in a book club with women who love their jobs either as teachers or in non-profit. Their passion for helping others is contagious! So what am I passionate about? READING BOOKS! Bookish With Wine is born! 

My goal is to help readers find a book they may have never heard of or never wanted to read, until they read a review on it. I want to grab the readers attention, and make them feel what I feel when I’ve just read a book that I’m so excited about I have to tell someone….and I will tell everyone that will listen!  Connecting with people through books just excites me to no end!

To add a little twist, I will also be pairing books I’ve read with wine. I will be honest and tell you that I prefer red wines, like a nice Cabernet Sauvignon, but I’m willing to branch out in the name of research!  My rating scale will be the typical 1-5, but using wine glasses!

If any of this interests you, I invite you to join my email list where you can stay up to date on the latest blog posts!!